Pataphysics simplified


First there is physics,1 i.e., quantised contact resulting in the experience ‘AM.’2


The human responds to physics (i.e., to an individual or series of physical contacts3) with a realistic private analogue fantasy4 (called meta-physics, i.e., ‘after-nature’), namely the experience of ‘I AM’5 and/or ‘I AM THIS’. 6


Since the ‘I AM THIS’5 is (thermo-) dynamic,7 hence decaying, the human bootstraps an imaginary solution (called pataphysics) as private artifice,8 i.e., as an upgraded response state (i.e., the ‘I CAN BE THIS’) that either sustains or increases his/her survival.9




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1.      The word ‘physics’ is derived from the Greek word fusios, meaning nature. Untranslated, the word physics is occult, hidden, hence can be interpreted any which way that suits the context.

2.      Buddhist apocrypha has it that the first words which the Shakyamuni uttered upon achievement of sammasambodhi were: ‘Consciousness arises from contact.’ In this regard be referred to Einstein’s’ Black Box Radiation theorem.

3.      The individual contact provides the realness base/sense (Sanskrit sat). The series (or patterns of series, Sanskrit cit) provides identity. In short, the individual contact response of realness makes the identity of a series realistic. Thus does life (i.e., the universe) happen as ‘The Lila of Maya’ (i.e., as ‘The cosmic game as realistic illusion’).

4.      The fantasy is natural human artifice, hence art. It is art (i.e., natural human artifice designed to improve survival capability) that follows nature (i.e., physics) and not metaphysics.

5.      Sanskrit: ‘soham’.

6.      Thus self-consciousness.

7.      Indeed, all emergents that present/instruct as the cognizable universe.

8.      In pataphysics called ‘a supplemental universe’. All human inventions (i.e., artifices, works of art or artisanship) serve as supplemental universes intended to sustain life. The shape (or identity) of the supplemental universe depends on the input to the procedure that emerges it, following GI-GO. Alfred Jarry chose to feed nonsense, i.e., the absurd, into his private survival procedure (as imaginary solution) and outputted, became the absurd (as his private supplemental universe).

9.      Natural human artifice (i.e., art, culture, human artificial nature as decay avoidance) follows on from the consequences of human dynamism. Such artifice (i.e., as in self-transformation) is designed to increase private survival capacity.