The ‘particular’ as

dynamic instructions transmuter


The ‘particular’1 represents any universal emergent,1 such as any one of 8 billion humans.3

Every emergent operates as limited and self-limiting instructions transmutation system.4 It is driven by the need to survive. The active shape5 of the transmuter, i.e., its identity,6 delivers its output, destination uncertain.7,8,9




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The transmutation procedure10 that generates differential self-emergence is automatic, blind, recursive11 and quantised.12





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1.    For ‘particular’ read: individual, a singularity (or monad or atom), any cognizable quantum (or unit). Each ‘particular’ is autonomous and blind, though highly complex ones, such as humans (elsewhere called hadrons) can develop memory and so learn and thereby generate a relatively (to its needs) accurate analogue simulation of the relationship to external contacts. Since the next step (or universe) is unpredictable, the emergence procedure (and which creates imaginary solutions) needs to be able to organise (or order) the unpredictable into a relatively predictable supplemental universe.

2.    For ‘emergent’ read: an identifiable reality. All such realities are dynamic, meaning the energy that drives them and their components depletes. They come, like batteries, in two forms, namely as one-way with long decay (i.e., ‘half-life’) phase and, in the case of biological units, as rechargeable systems with a predetermined termination period. The latter recharge themselves by consuming alternate dynamic units, hence are predators. The top predator is currently the human. As blind, initially automatic, thereafter semi-automatic (i.e., with an internal orientations system) transmutation system the human, like an invasive species, will eventually encroach every eco-system and consume everything just to stay alive.

3.    In the next 80 years all 8 billion humans will die and be replaced by 10 billion more humans. The cost to the planet (or spaceship) with its limited resources is incalculable. In the end, nature will prevail and eliminate the human species. The payoff for this self-defeating population increase will be enhanced self-consciousness, not necessarily pleasant.

4.    In electronic communication such input-throughput-output systems were called transistors.

5.    Since each emergent operates as active transmuter, it constantly changes its shape (as data output), thereby being as it were ‘reborn.’ The overall operation is automatic blind and internal. In other words, each fundamentally solipsistic transmuter operates as a law unto itself its survival being determined by the effectiveness of its output, i.e., its self-selection and deselection by alternate transmuters (to wit, the ‘fitter’ ones). For an ancient Indian abstract fantasy of a transmuter see the Shri Yantra.

6.    An emergent’s shape (as active data output) happens as self-upgrading residue (i.e., karmic residue), i.e., the best it could do within its limitations. The shape (i.e., as supplemental universe) is decided by the pataphysicist human’s best survival option fantasy (as imaginary solution). That fantasy is artifice, indeed private art).

7.    A transmuter’s input is its response (always digital) to random contact (always digital or quantised) with an unpredictable event/quantum. In other words, a transmuter does not see (i.e., have direct contact) but generates/simulates an internal analogue representation (i.e., a personal fantasy as virtual reality), i.e., a private simulation of the relationships of its initially digital responses. It transmits its output as random quantised events-as-momenta.

8.    The human transmuter inputs about 15 million data per second. It generates between 15 and 20 analogue responses per second. All of its responses are gauged in relation to their capacity to support survival (i.e., self-preservation). Those that do are meaningful and applied to reconfigure the transmuter for enhanced output (and which attracts more useful input. Those that don’t support survival are classified as absurd and discarded. Whether an input is absurd or meaningful depends on the state of the transmuter. If processing essentially ‘absurd’ data (and all data prior to contact is random, hence absurd) supports survival, such as playing football for the professional football player, then that data is deemed meaningful.

9.    The human transmuter’s payoff for completing his/her transmutation function is the analogue sense of ‘I AM (THIS).’ Since ancient times the ‘I AM (THIS)’ sense, to wit, Sanskrit sat-chit (-ananda) has been called the GOD EXPERIENCE. That experience is fundamentally nameless, though often named.

10.      No matter how complex.

11.      In other words, one procedure (elsewhere called algorithm or fractal, to wit, a set of constraints) generates (i.e., emerges) all. The cosmos (and each private world) consists of billions of trillions of dynamic transmuters, each one operating as it were as an ever-changing pixel. All pixels (i.e., as knowledge (i.e., as ‘is this’ quanta) together produce (for the transmuter) a realistic analogue representation (as simulation) of the cognizable universe, therefore constitute realistic consciousness.

12.      Hence it can, depending on input availability and energy, generate any shape self-affecting as real, just like a Universal Turing Machine.



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